April 21st to May 21st special

Hardwood Floors, vanities and doors


Come buy your floors at Golden Elite Renovation Center between April 21st and May 21st, and receive a 40% discount on any modern style vanity, or a 35% discount on any antique style vanity.


We are open 7 days a week, and our warehouse is located on highway 40, on the Des Sources exit, behind Leon’s furniture store.


Free Consultation: 514-243-8860

Hardwood Specials

Oak Hardwood starting at $2.85

Maple Hardwood starting at $3.50

Birch Hardwood starting at $2.97

Exotic Hardwood starting at $3.29

Laminate Specials

5″ Style Crystal Finish starting at $1.39

5″ Style Semi-Gloss starting at $1.49

5″ Style U-Bevel starting at $1.49

5″ Style Handscrape starting at $1.79

Engineered Flooring Specials

Engineered Oak starting at $3.25

Engineered Maple starting at$3.99

Engineered Birch starting at$1.97

Engineered Exotic starting at $3.99

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